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POEM: “Love Is Purple”

In the fall of 2018, I joined The Malden Writer’s Collaborative, a writer’s group in the city where I live. In addition to workshopping longer pieces, each meeting there is a prompt to which we are invited to write a short something to share with the group. I actually don’t remember what the prompt for this was, but I responded with the following love poem.


By Jason M. Rubin

Love is purple

Love is gold

Love’s a robe and in the folds

Are little hairs and balls of lint

Each a hint

A souvenir

Love is placid

Love’s intense

Love’s the most uncommon sense

No two are ever quite the same

Some are flame

And some are flood

Love is muscle

Love is skin

The bumps outside, the beats within

It’s music, rhythm, melody

A symphony

In which we play

Love is flannel

Love is silk

Love is life-enriching milk

Nourishment expressed by one

And when it’s done

We feel complete

Love is yours

Love is mine

Yet love can never be defined

We feel it most when it has gone

Cold as dawn

But ever dark

Love’s an actor

Love’s an act

Love’s a signed, unspoken pact

You do for me, I do for you

Each day anew

Each day anew

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